Google No Longer Supporting Older Firefox and IE Browsers

Google recently announced it will no longer be supporting versions of Firefox 3.6 and below nor IE 7 or below in use with its applications.  This is especially true of the new Gmail interface scheduled to become the default look with an opt-out setting in mid-December (see “There’s a New Look Coming to a Google App Near You!”)  The new interface will not work in these unsupported browsers and users will be redirected to a basic version of Gmail with limited functionality.CTS has surveyed the number of SUNY Oswego-owned machines running Firefox 3.6 and IE 7.  There are a large number of machines running Firefox 3.6 or less and CTS is making plans to upgrade them.  More details of this will be made available through a campus announcement.

There are only a handful of SUNY Oswego-owned machines running IE 7 or older.  CTS will be handling those upgrades on a case-by-case basis.

If you are using Firefox 3.6 (Mac or PC) or less or IE 7 or less on a personal device and use LakerApps, you should upgrade to a newer version.

To determine your current version for Firefox, go to your Firefox Help menu and choose “About Firefox.”  If it’s higher than 3.6 you do not need to upgrade.  Otherwise, you can upgrade by going to the Firefox website.

To find your IE version, from the Help menu choose “About Internet Explorer.”  If it is higher than 7, you do not need to upgrade.  Otherwise, you can upgrade by going to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer page.

For more information about supported browsers, see Google’s Supported Browsers page.

5 thoughts on “Google No Longer Supporting Older Firefox and IE Browsers

  1. Julie Pretzat

    I thought we were also being warned off of upgrading Firefox too close to the current version because of incompatibilities with ANGEL, Banner etc. Is that no longer true?

  2. Teresa

    I have IE version 8.0.6001.18702, however when I click on the google calendar I get the following message:

    “Message from webpage
    Sorry, you are trying to use Google Calendar with a browser that isn’t currently supported. Press OK to view a read only version of your calendar. Press Cancel to continue loading Google Calendar and hope for the best!”

    Is there any newer version that doesn’t cause this message when using the calendar?

    1. CTS Post author

      Hello Teresa,

      If you have Compatility View enabled, that could cause something like this:

      1. Open the Tools menu at the top of your browser and select Compatibility View Settings.
      2. If is listed under “Websites you’ve added to Compatibility View,” select it and click Remove.
      3. Uncheck the 3 options at the bottom of the box that say “Include Updated Website lists from Microsoft,” “Display intranet sites in Compatibility view” and “Display all websites in Compatibility view.”

      Let us know if that solves your problem.


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