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Former Oswego Students Become the Teachers

It wasn’t very long ago that Audrey Hager ’06 walked the campus as an undergrad. This fall, she returned as a visiting assistant professor of psychology.

New Faculty

She and two other recent alumni find themselves students-turned-teachers this semester.

“I had the best time at Oswego and to be able to come back and give back to the students what I’ve learned since I’ve been here is really a great gift,” said Greg Brewster ’05, electronics specialist for the theatre department.

Brewster spent a majority of his post-graduate years touring with national Broadway acts, including the 25th anniversary tour of “Les Miserables.” A very involved student, he has once again ingrained himself in the campus, taking on a Faculty Resident Mentor position in his former residence: Hart Hall.

Likewise, Assistant Art Professor Rebecca Mushtare ’03 is re-engaging herself with Oswego as a teacher, but also an exhibitor in the Tyler Art Gallery art alumni exhibit that ran earlier this fall.

The digital media artist is excited to share her work and inspire her students. Pursuit of lifelong learning drew her to college education as a career.

“Life and technology is changing all the time. When you have the tools to problem solve and investigate you’ll continue learning all the time and you’ll forever be energized by what’s around you and always be able to contribute,” Mushtare said.

Hager also hopes to extend her influence beyond the syllabus with students sharing the same Oswego experience she enjoyed not very many years ago.

“I feel like I can really empathize with students and understand that they’re here to learn, but also have fun,” she said.

All three new alumni faculty members are looking forward to introducing that spark that can change minds and guide career paths, maybe even one that leads right back to Oswego.

⎯ Shane M. Liebler

New alumni faculty, from top: Audrey Hager '06, Greg Brewster '05 and Rebecca Mushtare '03.

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