Financial Aid Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I manage my financial aid online?

Yes. Oswego allows you to perform most necessary steps in the financial aid process online using MyOswego.

Can parents check their student’s financial aid?

Yes. Oswego has developed “Guest Access” to student financial aid and billing information. The student must give their parent(s) or other “guests” permission to access the information. To do this, you must:

1. Complete a FERPA form by logging into your MyOswego account.

2. Select Guest Access from the main menu and follow the instructions.

3. Show the guest(s) how to use MyOswego.

4. Any questions regarding the FERPA form should be directed to the Student Accounts office at (315) 312-2225.

What is the Oswego Guarantee?

The Oswego Guarantee promises students entering the college will experience no increase in the cost of room or meal plans for four consecutive years provided they meet certain criteria. This guarantee is unique to Oswego. Since room and board are a large expense at any college, this is a valuable benefit. The Oswego Guarantee does not include tuition or fees. In 2013, we added the Oswego Graduation ROI, which will provide $300 return on investment to students who enter in a fall semester and graduate by May of their fourth consecutive year of attendance.

If we need loans for college, how do we know which are best and what lender we should use?

The Federal Government has provided loan programs to assist families in paying for college. If a student or family need to borrow money to attend college, we recommend you use the available Federal Loans. The Federal Loans you are eligible for are listed on your enclosed Financial Aid Award. See the middle section of the award folder and our website, for additional information. Click on Loans and then on Which Loans Should I Consider?

Are there loans parents can apply for?

Yes. In addition to student loans, the Federal Government has provided the Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS). We do not include the Parent (PLUS) Loan in your awards, but we do tell parents what their eligibility would be if they decide to apply. You can find your parents’ maximum Parent (PLUS) Loan eligibility on the Financial Aid Award in the paragraph just below your list of awards. To apply, go to MyOswego, select financial aid and click on Parent (PLUS) Loan.

Will we have trouble finding loans for college and what about these companies that advertise and send us material on loans for college?

While these are difficult times in the lending community, our students have not had difficulty receiving the loans they need to attend Oswego. In fact, there are lenders who will try to get you to borrow more than you need to attend college at rates and terms that may cause you undue hardship in the future. If you think you need other loans to attend college, we recommend you read all the information in this award packet and encourage you to check out the information and links on our website at We have compiled information to help you make informed decisions. In addition, before you consider any non-federal loan, we recommend you speak to an advisor in our office.

How much will it cost to attend Oswego?

You will find your estimated costs in MyOswego.

Where do I find information about other scholarships and resources I could apply for?

We have included all of the scholarships and resources you are eligible for from the Financial Aid Office. For information on other scholarships and resources, we highly encourage you go to and click on Scholarships.

Does Oswego offer a payment plan?

Yes. Oswego has the Oswego Time Payment Plan to assist students and their families with college costs. There is a $25 processing fee per semester to participate. The Oswego Time Payment Plan is interest-free. You will have up to five months to make payments for each semester. You will receive information on the plan with your bill each semester. If you have any questions on the payment plan, contact the Student Accounts Office at (315) 312-2225.

When will I receive my bill and when is payment due?

The fall bills will be mailed in June, and will be due the day before fall classes begin. The spring bills will be mailed in November, and will be due the day before spring classes begin.

Will my financial aid be subtracted from my bill?

All approved financial aid except work study will be deducted from your total bill. It is very important you follow the instruction in this packet to assure your financial aid is approved before the bill is due. If your financial aid is less than we have estimated or you do not complete all necessary steps, you are responsible for the balance due on your bill.

If I have a work study award, how do I receive my work study funds?

Once you accept your work study award, you will receive additional information locating a job. Follow the instructions on the What Do I Do Next? checklist to accept your award. All student employees receive a bi-weekly paycheck for the hours they work. Student earnings are not deducted from your bill.

What if I want a job but I do not have a work study award on my Financial Aid Award?

Jobs are available for students who do not receive a work study award. To search for jobs on campus, go to, select Student Employment and review the job listings.

Is it possible to appeal my Financial Aid Award?

If your family has experienced a substantial change in income or has extremely high medical expenses, we can review your situation. Go to, select Download Forms and select the appropriate Special Condition form.

Most forms will be available by March 15.

Can I use financial aid to pay for off-campus expenses?

Yes. If you live off-campus and your financial aid exceeds your Oswego bill, you can use the financial aid funds in excess of your Oswego charges to pay for transportation, rent, food and other living expenses associated with attending Oswego.

What if I still have questions regarding my financial aid?

Please contact the Oswego Financial Aid Office with any other questions you have at (315) 312-2248 or by email at