Student Employment

Students seeking a job on campus will fall into one of two categories, those who have a Federal Work Study (FWS) award, and those who do not.  Federal Work Study is a limited fund that not all students are eligible for.  Most of our student workers are not eligible for FWS.  All students are eligible for Oswego Work Study jobs.

 Finding a job on campus

Auxiliary Service Jobs

Auxiliary Services is an independent not-for-profit corporation located on the SUNY Oswego campus.  Our goal is to provide ancillary services to the college community.  We are a progressive, student-oriented operation, employing over 500 student employees.  To be considered for Auxiliary Service jobs, you must maintain full-time status (12 credit hours undergraduate, 9 credit hours graduate).

      - Auxiliary Services Jobs

Federal Work Study Jobs

     - To be considered for a federal work study position 
        you must:

  • Be a current student
  • Have a federal work study award on your 2010-2011 Award Notice
  • Complete payroll paperwork and receive a Work Authorization/Placement Card from the Student Employment Office (206 Culkin)

    - Federal Work Study Job List (.pdf 545 kb)- Student employee positions on campus. Some positions are currently open only to Federal Work Study students. Some departments will accept applications for future openings.

Oswego Work Study Jobs

    - To be considered for Oswego Work Study you must:

  • Be a current student
  • Apply directly to the Department that is looking for student workers

Student Jobs on Campus
      A list of student job opportunities(pdf 545 kb). This is a lisitng of locations where students work on campus. Some positions are open only to Federal Work Study students. Some of these positions may be currently filled but departments may accept applications for future openings.

  The following departments employ hundreds of students on campus:

        Residence Life and Housing
        Campus Technology
        Penfield Library
Graduate Assistantships

There are many positions available on campus for Graduate Students