Managing Student Employees

Differences between Federal Work Study and non-Federal Work Study student employment

  • Federal Work Study employees require an authorization from the Student Employment Office
  • Federal Work Study employees have a maximum amount they can earn during the academic year.  Typically, this works out to be about 4-10 hours per week.  This amount will be on the Federal Work Study Authorization each student receives
  • Federal Work Study students should not begin working until the Federal Work Study authorization is completed and returnd to the Student Employment Office. Please note: Federal Work Study employees will not be paid until the authorization is complete
  • Federal Work Study payroll is processed by the Student Employment Office
  • Federal Work Study employees complete the Federal Work Study timesheet
  • Non-Federal Work Study payroll is processed by the Payroll Office

     Federal Work Study Authorization
This document is given to a FWS employee once they have completed all necessary payroll paperwork and are eligible to be  interviewed by appropriate departments on campus.

     Federal Work Study Timesheet

  • Federal Work Study timesheets must be completed biweekly (every 2 weeks).
  • All timesheets must include the student's name and student ID number.  It is preferred that the information be printed or typed.
  • Time worked should be completed as instructed on the reverse side of the timesheet.
  • Students may not work more than 20 hours per week while classes are in session.
  • Timesheets must be completed in blue or black ink.
  • All completed timesheets must be signed and dated by both the student employee and their supervisor
        -   Students may not sign another student's timesheet as the supervisor
        -   The supervisor is responsible for verifying that the timesheet is complete and accurate including hours actually worked
        -   If a timesheet is received late, the student's paycheck will be delayed.  Late timesheets are processed with the next payroll, 2  weeks later.  The student's pay will be delayed until then.  Since most students have limited resources, a late timesheet/paycheck can be a hardship.

 Completed timesheets are returned to the Student Employment Office in a sealed envelope, signed by the Supervisor over the sealed flap

Non-Federal Work Study Timesheets

Contact the Payroll Office, 409 Culkin Hall for forms and instructions

Payroll Calendar

Federal Work Study employees may be terminated from their jobs when they:
     -   have earned their full award
     -   withdraw from shcool
     -   receive additional financial aid
     -   at the end of the schoolyear/term during which they are enrolled
     -   upon request from the departmental supervisor

Student Paychecks

Paydates are biweekly (alternate Thursdays) and are listed on the Payroll Calendar.  Students may pick up their paychecks in the Student Accounts Office (408 Culkin) or have them direct deposited to an account of their choice.

Pay Rates

Federal Work Study

Students begin employment at the current federal or state minimum wage, whichever is higher.  Our current starting hourly rate is $7.25  Every 200 hours the student is paid on the Federal Work Study payroll they are given a $.10 per hour pay raise.  Current individual pay rates are available upon request from the Student Employment Office.

Non-Federal Work Study

Raises are given at the discretion of the deparment.

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