Colin M.

Tour Guide

Year: Senior
Major: Communication & Social Interaction
Minor: Business Administration
Hometown: Endwell N.Y    

What activities are you involved with at Oswego?
I am currently an officer in Biology club, in students for global change, and have recently joined Lambda Pi Eta, the communication honor society.  I participated in the OAR program for two semesters, and now I am a tour guide. I have also participated in several other clubs on campus throughout my time here such as hall council.    

Why did you choose Oswego?
I chose Oswego because of the environment that the town and the lake create. It has such a warm and welcoming vibe about it. Plus there is so many different majors that I was interested in, which gave me so many options about me future.  

What is the best thing about your major?   The best thing about Communication and Social Interaction is that is so interesting. It is very applicable to real life, which makes the material more fun to learn.  I also love how versatile Communications is; there are so many options what to do with it.  

Generally speaking, what impact has the Oswego faculty had on you?
The faculty is great here they are always friendly and willing to help.  They are all extremely knowledgeable in their respective fields and more than willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to students.     

Who's your favorite professor and why?
Though I have only had her for one class so far I would say my favorite SUNY Oswego professor would be Professor Marissa Pytlack.  I had her for Com240 (Group interaction and discussion) and it was by far one of the most rewarding classes in my college career.  The class was broken down in a manner that was both understandable and interesting. There was a semester project that was a lot of work, but it gave me the most hands on experience with the subject that I've had in a class, which made the material that much easier to learn.    

Describe your department's atmosphere and how it has enhanced your ability to learn.
The communications department has one of the most friendly and approachable group of people you could meet.  They are always more than happy to help students out when they need it.  

What's the best thing about SUNY Oswego?  
The best thing about Oswego is the lake and the friendly atmosphere that the campus has. You can meet so many new people, everyone here is so friendly. Not many schools you have the ability to go down to the shore and enjoy the lake between classes. In addition the sunsets here are one of the best, when its warm the shore of the lake are filled with people enjoying it.  

Comment on how your Oswego experience has helped prepare you for a career.
Oswego has helped me break out of my shell and be more confident as a person. I have learned so many things in and out of the classroom that will help me throughout my career. People are always so friendly about passing on their words of wisdom here.  

What opportunities has Oswego given you that you never had before?
Oswego has given me the ability to meet so many new and different people. Plus, there are so many opportunities to try and experience new things.