Alyssa D.


Year: Senior
Major: Public Justice
Hometown: Massapequa, NY

Have you participated in any internships or overseas study programs?
If yes, where and when?
I have yet to travel overseas to study, but I have had some internship opportunities off campus. Mentor Oswego was a program I was involved with that gave me a chance to work with the local high school students after school with studying or homework.  

How has your internship or study abroad experience enhanced your education?
Mentor Oswego enhanced my education because my communication skills and mentoring skills have increased dramatically. I also gained many connections with the program leaders themselves, and into the outside community of Oswego.  

What activities are you involved with at Oswego?
I'm involved in multiple clubs and campus activities here at Oswego. I join mostly all of the intermural sports here on campus, and take advantage of off campus trips including the Ski Club trips as well as field trips with the Public Justice Club. Also, I work with the admissions office as a tour guide for prospective SUNY Oswego students!  

Why did you choose Oswego?
I chose Oswego because of the beautiful campus along Lake Ontario. Also, having a minor in forensic science, the construction of a brand new science complex was a big pull factor for me.  

What is the best thing about your major?
The best thing about a Public Justice major is the professors. Majority of the professors are experts in their field and have a number of years' experience in their field. Whether it be retired police officers or attorneys, they all use their first-hand experience to make learning more enjoyable and relatable.  

Generally speaking, what impact has the Oswego faculty had on you?
The faculty at Oswego are very insightful. When I had trouble figuring out what I wanted to do with my major, I went for an advisement meeting and my advisor spent time weighing my options and help me plan for my future.  

Who's your favorite professor and why?
Generally all of the public justice and science professors are wonderful. My personal favorite professor is Margaret Ryniker, who taught my public justice class. At first I was hesitant about the major I declared, but after taking the class, I was certain I wanted to follow her footsteps. She taught the class sharing her own personal experience as an attorney and her humorous personality made learning fun and exciting.  

Describe your department's atmosphere and how it has enhanced your ability to learn.
My department gives me the tools I need to not only learn the material but grow as an individual. Also, my department offers field trips to gain hands on experience with what we're learning.  

What's the best thing about SUNY Oswego?
The best thing about SUNY Oswego is the ability for all students to get involved. There are over 150 clubs available, as well as intramural sports and organizations to get involved with whether you want to build your resume and experience or just have fun.  

Comment on how your Oswego experience has helped prepare you for a career.
My experience at Oswego has been nothing but a learning, insightful journey. Although I only have a couple of semesters left, Oswego has given and will continue to give me the tools and education I need for graduate school and careers.  

What opportunities has Oswego given you that you never had before?
Oswego has given me hands on opportunities I've never had before. Between field trips and service learning classes, learning outside the classroom is what I love the most and Oswego has multiple programs that allow that to happen.