General Education Requirements

Although students and advisors share the responsibility for the student’s progress toward a degree, it is the student who is ultimately obligated to understand and fulfill these requirements. Students are responsible for meeting with advisors, who are assigned by major departments, or, in the case of undeclared students, the COMPASS, 142 Campus Center. It is important for all new students to meet with advisors as soon as possible to plan programs carefully. The program is supervised by the Council of General Education. Please address all questions and paperwork to: Dr. Christopher LaLonde,


• General Education courses may not be taken pass/fail.

• One course can be used to satisfy two (or more) requirements, except that: No course satisfying the American History requirement will at the same time satisfy the Tolerance and Intolerance requirement (in Human Diversity).

• Courses that satisfy requirements for the major or minor can also satisfy General Education requirements.

• General Education courses (with the exception of Intellectual Issues) can be taken off-campus, as long as approval is secured in advance.

• Passing scores on college-level competency exams (e.g., Advanced Placement or CLEP) may be used to earn credits and, where appropriate, satisfy General Education requirements.

• Waiver exams are given at least twice each year for Computer and Information Literacy (passing this exam satisfies a requirement but earns no credits for the student). Open to new students only.

• Math competency must be demonstrated by the student before he or she enrolls in any math course numbered 106/206 at Oswego.

• Up-to-date information about the program, including lists of approved courses, dates of waiver exams, etc., is available on the General Education web page:

Students who matriculated at Oswego or another SUNY unit prior to 2000 should contact their advisor for General Education requirements. To see which approved courses are offered in a given semester, search on myOswego using the General Education "Attribute".

For more information on General Education and listings of courses that fulfill requirements see the General Education webpage

Check out GE21 for more information and listings of courses that fulfill requirements.