Inventory Control

Off-Campus Possession

On occasion, it may be necessary for an individual to complete a work assignment away from the work site. A temporary loan of equipment is appropriate only when the use is work related and has the prior approval of the Department Chair. The period of the loan, usually may not exceed two weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: No equipment should be removed from the campus without first being decaled and entered into property records. Computer equipment obtained from the Faculty Microcomputer Program (FMP) may not, under any circumstances, be removed from the college campus.

A temporary loan of equipment form must be completed prior to the removal of the specific equipment from its assigned location to an off campus destination.

If anyone is found in possession of state-owned equipment that is not appropriately signed out, the person(s) could be charged with and convicted of possession of stolen property by University Police.

You can obtain a Temporary Loan of Equipment form by contacting the Inventory Control Coordinator at x2228 or via e-mail or by using the following directions:

Please print a Temporary Loan of Equipment form from the above form link and fill out the appropriate information along with any necessary signatures and either fax it to Inventory Control at extension #2916 or mail it to Inventory Control at 402A Culkin Hall. Please make a copy for yourself to keep with the equipment as a receipt in case you are stopped by University Police. Also, it would be advisable to make a copy for departmental use.

Reporting Stolen Equipment

Volume XI, Section 7.0200 of the New York State Accounting System entitled "Special Procedures-Theft/Loss of State Assets" requires agencies to promptly report actual or suspected losses of State assets to the Office of the State Comptroller. Specific SUNY procedures were established to ensure compliance with theft/loss reporting requirements.

It is each department's responsibility to report all actual or suspected losses to the Oswego State University of New York's Department of University Police immediately for investigation. University Police will follow up on the report of lost equipment. With immediate notification to University Police, it is possible the item can be recovered. The department/individual must report any theft or loss of equipment to University Police which then becomes public record. The University Police will advise Inventory Control of any such loss/theft.