Inventory Control

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My adding machine no longer works. Can I throw it in the wastebasket?
    No, this is state property. A disposal request e-mail message must be sent to Inventory Control requesting that the item be disposed.
  2. My chair is broken and I have just gotten a new one. Can I put my old chair out in the hallway or in the loading dock area to be disposed?
    No, to do so would be in violation of the Fire and Safety codes. As with the above question, a disposal request e-mail message sent to Inventory Control is needed to request the removal of such items.
  3. I recently received a new laser printer. Can I give my old printer to someone else?
    Yes, but please notify Inventory Control via a relocation of equipment request e-mail message. By doing so, the location will be properly noted and updated on the property record for the annual inventory.
  4. Where do I get the Temporary Loan of Equipment form?
    Request this form from the Inventory Control Coordinator at x2228 or via e-mail request or copy the form from the Inventory Control web site 
  5. What is the e-mail address for Inventory Control?
    E-mail may be sent to:
  6. I understand that an Inventory Control booklet containing essential information was sent to all employees. I did not receive a booklet. How can I get a booklet for my own use?
    Contact the Inventory Control Coordinator with your request at x2228 or via e-mail.