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Sept. 12, 2001
CONTACT: Cindy Smith, 312-3963
OSWEGO -- A series of professional physical trainer workshops will be held Saturday and Sunday, Sept. 29 and 30, at SUNY Oswego's Lee Hall Dance Studio.
Co-sponsored by the not-for-profit National Dance Exercise Instructors Training Association and SUNY Oswego, the nationally recognized workshops are aimed toward those who look to lead exercise classes.
A full-day aerobic certification workshop will begin at 8 a.m. Sept. 29. At this session, potential and current fitness instructors can learn basic academic and practical applications for teaching group exercise. No college, science or teaching background is required. Registration includes a full review, written exam, two-year certificate and membership.
A mind-body workshop, beginning at 8 a.m. Sept. 30, will explore ways to bring the connection between the physical body and the intellect into groups exercises and personal training sessions.
Starting at noon Sept. 30, a choreography academy workshop will encourage participants to put their creativity and energy into motion in leading fitness classes. The session will help attendees create new and innovative moves in their routines.
Registration costs vary. For details, call 1-800-AEROBIC (237-6242). Pre-registration is important because space is limited.
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