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Sept. 20, 2000
OSWEGO -- Over the past 11 years, sponsors of the Oswego State Fall Classic have generated gross receipts of more than $2 million. Proceeds of the annual fund-raising event support the Presidential Scholars Program, a university priority that provides incentive scholarships to students who have proven academic success.
Sponsors of the Fall Classic presented Oswego State President Deborah F. Stanley with a symbolic check representing 2000 Fall Classic gross gifts of $332,092.37.
The Fall Classic, coordinated by the Office of Alumni and University Development, has generated an 11-year grand total in gross sponsorship gifts of $2,064,347.83.
"This landmark partnership between corporate America and Oswego State has one clear goal -- benefiting our students," Stanley said. "The generosity of our corporate sponsors over more than a decade has made possible many academic and enrichment opportunities for our students."
Since 1996, when Stanley focused the Fall Classic proceeds on the Presidential Scholars Program, the effort has seen increased and renewed sponsorships, according to Mary Canale, who coordinates sponsorship.
"We have Presidential Scholars at every Fall Classic event," Canale said. "The sponsors are so thrilled with the success of the Presidential Scholars Program, we see a renewal in interest and commitment every year."
The Presidential Scholars have increased the academic profile of entering students and boosted numbers in high-quality programs like Oswego's Honors Program, President Stanley told sponsors at the Sithe Luncheon.
Accepting the symbolic check on behalf of Oswego State students, Stanley thanked the 97 sponsors and dozens of volunteers who helped make this year's Fall Classic the most successful on record. She gave special recognition to the Presidential Level Sponsors -- ANR Pipeline Co., Enron, New York State Laborers' Employers Cooperation and Education Trust Fund, Sithe and Telergy.
The Fall Classic, which began as an alumni golf tournament in 1990, has grown to include Lake Ontario fishing and a clay pigeon spectacular.
"Each year we have tried to add innovative activities to the programming mix," said Vice President for Alumni and University Development Kevin Mahaney. "Our sponsors and volunteers respond with an increased level of commitment and support for our students every year."
The executive-in-residence component of the Fall Classic, now in its second year, brought Hal Morse, founder of The Learning Channel and Ovation, the arts network, as well as several local executives into classrooms to meet and share their experiences with students.
The Sithe Luncheon, another innovation in Fall Classic programming, honored sponsors and gave them the chance to hear from Morse and meet Presidential Scholars.
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