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Nov. 21, 2000
OSWEGO -- Oswego State is on target with its goals for overall college enrollment and new student numbers, according to Dr. Joseph Grant Jr., vice president for student affairs and enrollment management.
Latest figures show Oswego's headcount enrollment at 7,000 undergraduate and 1,100 graduate students, for an annual average full-time equivalent count of 6,720. This is almost 300 more AAFTE than in 1998-99.
"This puts us slightly over our goal," Grant says.
He hopes to see a "slight bit of growth" over the next two years, bringing the AAFTE to 6,850.
New student enrollment is also looking good, according to Grant. "We met our goal of 1,300 freshman and 700 transfers," he says. "We're right on that target."
Student interest in Oswego is high. Senior public relations major and business minor Semira Moslem, who conducts tours for the Admissions Office, says people are "usually impressed with campus, especially the television and radio stations. They're very interested in that."
The current crop of prospective students are "more talkative, ask more questions and seem more interested," according to Moslem, who has been a tour guide for two years.
"Usually parents asked the questions, and the students were mute. Now students are doing the talking," she said.
This year's new enrollees were gleaned from an applicant pool that was up about 11 percent over the last three years for a total of 9,710.
Those new students are brighter, too. New students with an average of 90 or above have almost doubled in the last four years. On the other end of the grade scale, Oswego admitted fewer students with less than 84 averages.
Grant attributes the rise in part to merit scholarships, including Presidential Scholarships. Oswego awards more than 400 merit scholarships to freshmen and transfers. This year new and returning students received merit awards totaling $800,000.
The scholarship money seems to be a worthwhile investment, Grant says. "The quality of our students continues to improve in a very competitive marketplace."
He notes that the Honors Program this year boasts its largest numbers, with about 75 percent of the freshmen being Presidential Scholars.
Grant says the biggest growth areas are the School of Education and computer and information science departments.
Minority enrollment numbers are holding steady, with 599 undergraduates and 63 graduate students, for 8 percent of the total enrollment, according to Oswego's Office of Institutional Research and Assessment.
The college is also enrolling more out-of-state and international students. "It's been our goal, and we want to continue recruiting them, for diversity purposes and to support our residential community.
The Admissions Office visits out-of-state high schools and sends more than 15,000 pieces of direct mail outside the borders of New York state.
In other recruitment initiatives aimed at out-of-state students, Oswego is upgrading its electronic communications and has begun taking Canadian money at par.
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