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March 20, 2002
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OSWEGO -- Around 2,000 visitors are expected to sample life at SUNY Oswego during the college's 25th annual Open House from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Monday, April 8.
Potential students and their families can meet representatives of academic departments and chat with student organizations in the Hewitt Union ballroom throughout the morning, said Katie Maxwell, an admissions counselor who coordinates the Open House.
"It's a time for students and their families to mingle and learn more about the college and campus life," Maxwell said. She said she hopes for increased participation from student organizations "because college life is about so much more than academics."
More than 40 professors have opened their classes to welcome Open House visitors. This is "more than double the number of previous years," said Maxwell. "We're impressed with the number of faculty participating as well as the number of different disciplines."
During Open House, visitors can learn about academic departments, listen to jazz performances by college musicians, take a shuttle bus tour of the campus, experience the Rice Creek Field Station nature center, tour National Public Radio affiliate WRVO, see the college's fitness centers, check out Penfield Library and visit campus computer labs. Faculty and students lead tours of these and other SUNY Oswego attractions, Maxwell said.
She noted that Open House recruitment efforts are increasingly aimed toward high school juniors as well as seniors. The college has also stepped up recruitment efforts in the Canadian market, she said.
Transfer students will have a special session to themselves on Saturday, April 6, from noon to 4 p.m., but are welcome to the all-campus Open House as well. This marks the third year SUNY Oswego has organized a Transfer Open House, said Marilyn Seago, who coordinates the event with fellow admissions officer Gail Akin.
"We try to address the specific needs of the transfer students, such as which credits they can transfer and what courses they will have to take," Seago said.
There will be a campus tour and special sessions dealing with topics like living on campus, financial aid and orientation into Oswego's campus community, she added.
Transfer students comprise "between 35 and 40 percent" of Oswego's student body, Seago said. "That's a pretty significant part of the campus."
For more information, call the Admissions Office at 312-2250.
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