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March 29, 2001
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OSWEGO -- Verizon Telecommunications has made a $7,000 donation to SUNY Oswego's Tyler Hall box office to assist in the purchase of a new computer system from Arts Management Systems of Alberta, Canada. The new system will be installed in late May or early June.
"In making the decision to award this grant, Verizon considered a few important aspects," said Tom Owens, community affairs liaison for Verizon. "First, there was the opportunity to introduce this technology into an area that needed it. Second, this would be creating an environment where students can obtain skills that they can take to a job."
Verizon has extended previous grants to several art organizations in Ithaca, Owens said. "We center on technological and educational fundamentals in an attempt to help bring technology to rural, low-income areas. It's important to help supply a service to get people online," he said. "We're very selective, and organizations must meet the standard of need and education to be considered."
Mark Cole of SUNY Oswego's theatre department said the computer system the box office is purchasing will provide a complete setup for
computerized ticketing. The system will include two computer stations, a thermal ticket printer, ticket stock and keyboards with credit card swipes.
To purchase the software and hardware and install the system will
cost about $23,000. Various campus units and theatre alumni have contributed funds to complete the purchase.
"This system will allow us to serve our customers more efficiently and effectively than we have been able to with our manual system," Cole said. "It will streamline our ability to keep a database for mailing and subscriptions," he said, and "it will provide an opportunity for students to work with state-of-the-art equipment in a hands-on setting."
Cole noted that ticket taking is a viable job opportunity for students. "We've had several students who've worked with our outdated system and still learned enough to get a really great job, so this can only further the possibilities for students," he said.
"We are very pleased to receive this donation," Cole said.
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