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June 4, 2003
OSWEGO -- Three professors have received SUNY Oswego President's Awards for Excellence in Academic Advisement, which acknowledges dedication to helping students develop academic and life goals.
Laura Brown of the psychology department, Brad Korbesmeyer of the English writing arts program and Linda Loomis of the journalism program received the campus awards recognizing outstanding service to students.
In advising 23 human development majors and 17 psychology majors, Brown has found advisement is not limited to office hours or academic settings. "I have advised students in my office, yes, but also before and after classes, in the hallways, in Hewitt Union, in supermarkets, malls and on the street," Brown said. Her job includes guiding "students through the seemingly endless possibilities of course options and career choices" and "to help them develop self-sufficiency," she said.
Student Robert Knipe said Brown "continually goes beyond what's expected of her" to help students. "She has been my mentor and one of my biggest influences," he wrote, especially noting Brown's help after his mother passed away. "I credit her as one of the unique people in my life who have encouraged me with hope and faith to turn my life around."
In advising 41 English writing arts majors, 13 minors in creative writing, 10 double majors and several honors students, Korbesmeyer finds availability as one of the most important advisement traits. "Some of my most memorable advising situations came when desperate students stumbled upon me without appointments," Korbesmeyer said. "They needed to be heard, to vent, to inquire . . . and they appreciated that I was there."
In nominating Korbesmeyer for the advisement award, student Greg Shemkovitz lauded his "boundless" efforts. "He understands the importance of a well-rounded education," Shemkovitz wrote. "In addition to advising, Brad Korbesmeyer encourages students to participate in many activities involving the arts. He invites students . . . when a guest speaker is visiting and often informs students on ways of continuing their education outside of the classroom."
Loomis said "an open door, a bowl of Werther's (candies) and a box of tissues" epitomize her advisement philosophy. While serving as academic adviser for around 100 students who are journalism majors or minors at Oswego, Loomis said that she tries "to focus on each person as if he or she were my only advisee."
Oswego student Kelly Picunas noted this individual attention in nominating Loomis. "She serves not only as an academic adviser, but also as a therapist, a second mother, a helping hand and someone always ready to give you a hug and make you feel better," Picunas wrote. "She offers so much more than her position requires because she has a genuine love for other human beings that isn't found too often in the world today."
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