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July 25, 2001
Tina Pieraccini, 343-0202
OSWEGO -- The best place to learn a foreign language is living and learning in the native country. That's why 47 non-English speaking students have come to SUNY Oswego this summer to enroll in the Intensive English Program coordinated through the Division of Continuing Education.
The program is designed for speakers of English as a second language who want to increase their conversational English speaking skills and earn college credit. Participants engage in a variety of settings including formal classes, workshops and field trips where the goal is to speak English and learn about the United States.
Doryean Rodriguez from Puerto Rico and Juan Montano from Mexico agree they are learning faster because they have the chance to use the language during their three-week stay in Oswego.
Natsuki Oi from Japan says the "classes have been the best part for her."
Kasumi Tsuyuki, also from Japan agrees and adds she "finds the everyday use of the language most beneficial."
Weekend travel to Toronto and Boston are highlights of the program as well as local activities including Harborfest.
Tracey Lewis, assistant coordinator of the program and one of the instructors, meets twice a day with his students and plans activities where they are required to speak English only.
According to Gurdeep Skolnick, coordinator of the program, the students this summer are from Japan, Puerto Rico and Mexico.
Participants are finding that the cultural diversity is as educational for the participants as the classroom activity. Ilialnett Liciaga from Puerto Rico says she "learned much from her interaction with the other students."
All participants live in SUNY Oswego residence halls and eat in the dining hall on campus.
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