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Jan. 28, 2004


    OSWEGO -- Temperatures may have been lower than normal for the recently completed Winter Session at SUNY Oswego, but enrollments were higher than ever.

    "Once again, we have a pretty robust Winter Session," said coordinator Tom Ingram, the assistant director of continuing education. "We've gone from four or five courses a few years ago to 15 to 20 every year."

    The overall enrollment of about 420 represents the customer-focused nature of the session, Ingram explained. "The majority of people taking these courses work full time and couldn't take them otherwise," Ingram said.

    Four online classes were "very, very popular," Ingram noted, including a non-credit course important to teaching certification that attracted more than 70 participants, he added. 

    Among the 18 for-credit courses were popular intensive weekend courses such as "Treatment of Conduct and Antisocial Personality Disorders" taught by Gerry Porter or Mary Harrell's "Bringing Imagination Back to the Curriculum." These courses, which meet one Friday afternoon and two weekends, fit in well for those with time limitations, Ingram said.

    "I've developed this weekend format because most of the students are really teachers, mental health practitioners and social service workers, and this allows for minimal interruption of their work schedules," Porter said. The most recent course, which included anti-violence and violence-prevention training that anyone certified in education must take, provides practical skills and applications for professionals, he added.

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