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Jan. 31, 2001
OSWEGO -- The Disney Corp. has accepted an unusually high proportion of SUNY Oswego applicants for summer internships at Disney World.
Representatives from Disney held a campus presentation that 106 students attended. They then proceeded to interview 80 prospective interns. When the interviews were over, Disney had offered 20 internships to Oswego students.
Oswego's Experience-Based Education Director Paul Roodin said the most Oswego students ever accepted for these internships in one semester previously was three. Nationwide, typically 10,000 apply and 800 are usually accepted, he said.
"It is quite an honor for Oswego State to have so many students accepted. The Disney internship is a very good opportunity for students," he said.
Disney provides its interns with free condominium housing that is fully furnished. The internship also pays around $6 an hour and grants free admission to the park. Students can also earn academic credit.
"Working at Disney World was the best opportunity I ever had. I never learned so much and had so much fun doing it," said Marie Ellerback, former Oswego student and Disney World intern.
The new interns will not know what their assignment will be until they get there. But they will work within the park in such areas as attractions, custodial, hospitality, retail and recreation, engineering and animal programs.
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