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Feb. 28, 2001
OSWEGO -- Although she passed away more than two years ago, Dorothy Brown Clark's devotion to SUNY Oswego continues to live on.
The estate of her husband, Roland F. Clark, who died a year after her in 1999, has made a bequest of more than $22,000 dollars to the college to support SUNY Oswego's merit scholarship program for incoming freshman and transfer students, according to Kevin Mahaney, vice president for development.
"She was amazing, a very colorful character," Betsy Oberst, director of alumni affairs, said of the former Oswego Alumni Association president. "Dorothy's leadership, dedication and vision for Oswego State made her a valuable member of our Oswego family."
Upon graduating in 1936 from Oswego Normal School where she earned a bachelor's degree in 1945 and a master's degree in 1950, Clark taught elementary school in Elmira.
She later taught third grade at the campus school at Oswego for more than 30 years and was appointed to the rank of associate professor emeritus at that institution, where students pursuing an education degree had the opportunity to teach local children. Campus schools at Oswego and at all the State University campuses closed in the 1980s.
Clark's involvement in strengthening the importance of alumni was reflected in her role as a board member for the Oswego Alumni Association for many years, including eight when she served as president, a record at the time, Oberst said.
Clark also founded Oswego's first gift club, the Sheldon Associates, for donors who gave at a high level to the college, she said. Former college President Stephen L. Weber honored Clark in 1993 for her dedication and leadership in the enhancement of the Sheldon Society.
The Roland and Dorothy Brown Clark '36 Merit Scholarship, Oberst said, "was really just another concrete example of Dorothy's passion for Oswego and her leadership."
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