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Dec. 5, 2001
OSWEGO -- A potent storm Oct. 17, bringing winds reported as high as 69 miles per hour, took its toll on trees surrounding the SUNY Oswego's signature building, Sheldon Hall. Efforts are already under way, however, to restore the area to its former splendor, college officials said.
Administrators are working with the Oswego College Foundation and the Oswego Alumni Association to explore funding possibilities for a restoration plan on the trees. Crews have removed 10 Norway maples that were destroyed or damaged beyond chance of recovery.
Mary DePentu, the college's head grounds supervisor, said she met with Niagara Mohawk in November to secure the utility's assistance in removing trees along Sheldon Avenue. "The trees are so close to the power lines that we don't want to risk a power outage," DePentu said.
Her goal for the restoration project is the addition of 14 trees, if funding becomes available.
"We're doing a different arrangement than what was taken out," DePentu said. "We're hoping to enhance the entrance to Sheldon Hall."
Plans call for Northern red oaks on either side of the Sheldon monument as well as maple trees up the circle and running parallel to Washington Boulevard. "That should give us a nice fall color," DePentu said.
The addition of trees along Sheldon Avenue has been temporarily put on hold pending a traffic study on the entrance to that road, DePentu noted.
"Sheldon Hall is an important, historic building, as well as one of the Oswego area's most recognizable landmarks," said Kevin Mahaney, the college's vice president of development and public affairs. "Many people share the view that restoring the trees around Sheldon will retain that area's aesthetic value."
Those interested in supporting the restoration efforts may call the Office of University Development at 312-3003 or e-mail
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