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Dec. 6, 2000
OSWEGO -- Oswego State has a big impact on the neighboring area, and now there are the numbers to prove it. A new brochure, titled "Prospering Together," details the campus's impact, including economic, educational and cultural effects on the region.
"There is no easy or shorthand way of assessing the impact of an institution of higher learning," President Deborah F. Stanley said. "This document is extraordinarily helpful in displaying the institution as an integral part of the community, inextricably linked to the benefits of all its citizens. We're proud of our role, and this will be helpful in planning as we look to the future," she said.
"Prospering Together" shows that Oswego State has an impact of $92 million on the Oswego County economy and $165 million on Central New York.
In employment impact, the college adds 1,801 direct full-time equivalent jobs and 1,768 indirect, for a total of 3,569 jobs in Oswego County. The total rises to 4,879 when neighboring counties are considered.
Dr. Joseph Grant Jr., vice president for student affairs and enrollment management, said the brochure will be distributed to state legislators, the governor and SUNY System Administration officials. It will also be shared with Oswego County legislators, business people and others.
"It will be helpful in understanding the consequences of having a college like Oswego in their midst," he said.
The current study is based on one done in 1994-95 by Dr. Said Atri and Dr. Jack Miller of Oswego's economics department.
New figures were plugged into the models they created.
"Definitely in the regional economy, Oswego pays a very, very major role in terms of employment and income generation," Atri said last week. "There's no question it is important to the regional economy."
Oswego State "has a very significant place in the rank of big employers in the county," he said.
Atri, Grant and Stanley all emphasized that the campus' economic impact is not the only one it has on the region. Oswego State adds to the quality of life in the area by providing educational and cultural opportunities and enhances the area by the research and volunteer activities of its faculty, staff and students.
Some items mentioned included:
-- In educational impact, the educational needs of local residents, business and industry are addressed by evening degree programs and offerings of the Center for Business and Community Programs.
-- On the cultural scene, Artswego, the theatre and music departments and Tyler Art Gallery make dozens of exhibits, concerts and plays available for community people to attend.
-- Researchers with the college's Center for Neurobehavioral Effects of Environmental Toxins, Environmental Research Center and meteorology faculty, among others, contribute to knowledge about and protection of the environment.
-- Campus people provide many hours of volunteer service through the campus Speakers Bureau, programs like Adopt-a-Grandparent and in community charitable, business and child development organizations.
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