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Aug. 28, 2002
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OSWEGO -- Rennie Harris PureMovement, known for translating hip-hop and urban culture into dance, will kick off SUNY Oswego's Artswego Performing Arts Series season with 8 p.m. shows Sept. 20 and 21 in Tyler Hall's Waterman Theatre.
Harris is considered a pioneer in the genre for his fusion of dance, poetry, rap music, movement and street theatre. Founded in 1992, Rennie Harris PureMovement aims to preserve and disseminate hip-hop culture through public performances, workshops, classes, hip-hop history lecture-demonstrations, residencies and mentoring programs.
"Words splatter out like machine-gun fire, but never blur; feet threaten to trip each other up, but spin free as if invisible hands had untied a knot," the Village Voice said of the troupe's high-energy shows. "Compared to tap, this African-American form plays hardball."
The Philadelphia City Paper noted that the group "offers more than flash and dash. Harris is a man with a message. The impressive athleticism and crowd-pleasing choreography are vehicles for hard-hitting subject matter."
In an interview with XXL Magazine, the former rap tour dancer and video director touted the creativity of the hip-hop form.
"The foundation of hip-hop is to flip the script on what's out there and make something new," Harris told the publication. His shows tend to have many of the elements of hip-hop, he said, including dancing, live DJs, acting and spoken word poetry.
The performance at Oswego will be a repertory program featuring several dance pieces, including "Endangered Species," "Students of the Asphalt Jungle," "P-Funk," "March of the Antmen" and "Continuum."
Tickets for the performances cost $20 for the general public; $17 for seniors, students and children; and $7 for SUNY Oswego students.
For more information on this performance, the Artswego schedule, or for a season pass, call 312-2141 or e-mail
This tour of Rennie Harris PureMovement is made possible by a grant from the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts Regional Touring Program. This project also is supported by a grant from the Pennsylvania Performing Arts on Tour, a program developed and funded by the Vera I. Heinz Endowment; the William Penn Foundation; the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts, a state agency; and the Pew Charitable Trusts; and administered by the Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation.
ClearChannel Radio is the series' radio sponsor through affiliated station Power 106.9 for this performance. WCNY Classic FM is the media performance supporter for Rennie Harris PureMovement.
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