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Aug. 28, 2002
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OSWEGO -- The Emeriti Association of SUNY Oswego voted at its annual meeting in August to establish a scholarship fund for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of emeriti and current faculty members who attend Oswego.
"Most private institutions already do this for their faculty. It fills a gap," said Eleanor Filburn, president of the association and an emeritus associate professor of curriculum and instruction.
The association established the fund to provide scholarship support to an entering freshman or transfer student who is a child, grandchild or great-grandchild of an Oswego emeritus or current faculty member and who demonstrates financial need, she said.
"If no one is available, it can be offered to a nontraditional student," she added.
The Admissions Office will administer the scholarship, said Barbara Manwaring, assistant development director at the college. All applicants will have the opportunity to indicate if they are descended from an Oswego professor.
The annual scholarship, which Filburn predicted would be in the $400 range, will not be awarded until the fund supporting it reaches the $10,000 level, she noted. The larger the fund, the larger the scholarship can be, she added.
"We put in $500 as seed money," she said. "We would expect maybe three to four years" of accumulating donations to reach the endowment level, she said.
The Emeriti Association is encouraging emeriti and current faculty members to join in supporting this scholarship. Gifts to the scholarship fund may be made to the Oswego College Foundation and designated for the Emeriti Association of SUNY Oswego Scholarship Fund.
For more information, call the foundation at 312-3003.
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