Dr. Lorrie Clemo, Provost/VP Academic Affairs

Biographical Information

Dr. Clemo's career in higher education spans more than 20 years: as a faculty member in Oswego's political science department, director of the public administration and policy program, faculty fellow, assistant to the president for special programs and campus communications, and deputy to the president and chief of staff. In addition, she spent a year as an American Council on Education fellow at the University of Rochester where she helped develop a university-wide faculty development and retention program and a reporting and assessment system for evaluating diversity goals. She received her Ph.D. from SUNY Binghamton and has a record of scholarship that includes more than 40 paper presentations and publications and 20 grants.

Dr Clemo was instrumental in crafting SUNY Oswego’s current strategic plan, "Engaging Challenge: The Sesquicentennial Plan" and has lead development of the Global Laboratory network for our Possibility Scholarship program.

At the national level, as president of the Faculty Athletics Representatives Association, Dr. Clemo played a leadership role in developing the NCAA's strategic plan that set into motion academic reform and redefinition of the role of intercollegiate athletics in higher education.  Dr. Clemo received the NCAA David Knight Leadership Award in 2008.

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