Student Faculty Collaborative Challenge Grants

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Note: Grant project reports are posted as they are received

2008-2009 grant cycle

An Investigation of the Phonological and Syntactic Structures of Luo (project in process)
Jean Ann and Bruce Peng (faculty)
Allegra Anka (student)
Department of Curriculum & Instruction

Ambient Levels of Persistent and Emerging Air Toxics in Acadia National Park (project in process)
James Pagano (faculty)
Colleen Alexander (student)
Department of Biological Sciences

Wind Power Generation at SUNY Oswego (project in process)
Alfred Stamm (faculty)
Frankie Carlevatti (student)
Department of Earth Sciences (Meteorology)

Lake Effect Lightning Events: Lake Erie versus Lake Ontario (project in process)
Scott Steiger (faculty)
Ted Letcher (student)
Department of Earth Sciences (Meteorology)

Global Feminisms - Ecuador (project in process)
Lisa Glidden (faculty)
Melanie Schaffer-Cutillo (student)
Department of Political Science

2007-2008 grant cycle

Field determination of age in northern shorttail shrews
J. Alden Lackey (faculty)
Sara Ressing (student)
Department of Biological Sciences

Ecological Genetics of Two Native New York Species
Peter Rosenbaum and Amy Welsh (faculty)
Kyle Pursel and Matthew Volny (students)
Department of Biological Sciences

2006-2007 grant cycle

Comparing Stree Hormone Levels for Parent-reared Captive Wolves with those of Wolves Socalized to Humans
B. Diane Chepko-Sade (faculty)
Michael Mastromauro (student)
Department of Biological Sciences

Elucidating Microbial Chemical Interactions in Aquatic Environments
Anthony Ouellette (faculty)
Anders Peterson (student)
Department of Biological Sciences

Micro-characterization of Zircon Cyrstals: Insights into Deep Time and the Process of Mountain Building
Paul Tomascak (faculty)
Claire Kauffman (student)
Department of Earth Sciences/Geology

Lightning in Lake-effect Snow
Scott Steiger (faculty)
Jason Keeler (student)
Department of Earth Sciences/Meteorology

2005-2006 grant cycle

The Evolution of the marginal Shepherd
David Andrews (faculty)
Robert Kane (student)
Department of Economics

The Development of Reaching
Leigh Bacher (faculty)
Lauren Richmond, Leila Ertel (students)
Department of Psychology

Place as Character in the Work of Leslie Marmon Silko
Chris LaLonde (faculty)
Roger Gordon (student)
Department of English

2004-2005 grant cycle

The medicinal Effects of New Diabetes Drugs
Kestas Bendinskas (faculty)
Kate Miloski (student)
Department of Chemistry

Gender, Justice, and the Family: Time Use within Central New York Households
Robert Card (faculty)
Courtney DeLosh (student)
Department of Philosophy

Modeling the Socio-economic Role of Anger with Cellular Automata
Craig Delancey (faculty)
John Callahan (student)
Department of Philosophy

Monitoring Beach and Nearshore Changes, Eastern Lake Ontario Shoreline
Sharon Gabel (faculty)
Robert Venczel (student)
Department of Earth Sciences/Geology