Transfer Advisory Council

Committee Description:
Advisory to the College President - the mission of this committee is to: provide a forum for discussing issues pertinent to the transfer population; provide an opportunity to share new initiatives that are on-going in order to increase awareness of campus efforts; and identify directions the campus should be moving in to increase our ability to ensure student success in transition. Membership: presently there is broad campus representation. Because of its large membership, the committee works through a number of subcommittees. This group meets once a month during October, November, December, February, March, and April.

Membership for 2014-2015:

Corie Sievers, Chair, Transfer Services Coordinator
Melissa Barrett-Bricker, Extended Learning
Maryanne Cameron, University Development
R. Deborah Davis, Curriculum and Instruction
Glynn English, School of Business
Sandra Kyle, Curriculum and Instruction
Val Ledford, Office of Learning Services
Margaret Martin, Vocational Teacher Preparation
Joshua McKeown, OIEP
Patricia Pacitti, Office of Learning Services
Benjamin Parker, Extended Learning
Jessica Reeher, Communication Studies
Kelly Roe, Art
Alicin Welsh, Experience-based Education
Jan Held-Woodworth, Vocational Teacher Preparation