Personal Safety Committee

Committee Description:
Standing Committee; advisory to the college president or designee on issues of personal safety. Focus is on education and prevention strategies, opportunity reduction and victim assistance. The committee reviews data and policies and safety concerns for the campus. Initiatives are recommended that increase personal awareness and safety on campus. Membership includes University Police, Judicial Affairs, Health Center, and Facilities and must maintain a minimum of six (6) persons, at least half of whom are female, one-third from students, one-third from the faculty and one-third selected by the President. The chairperson is the Assistant Dean of Students for Judicial Affairs.

Membership for 2015-2016:

Jerri Drummond, chair, Dean of Students
Julien Bachelier, Biological Sciences
Katherine Burrow, Residence Life
Heather Losi, Accounting, Finance and Law
Joshua McKeown, OIEP
Kelly Roe, Art
John Rossi, University Police