International Student Committee

Committee Description:
This committee discusses the experiences of international students on our campus and helps to plan ways for improving that experience.  The committee may undertake projects in collaboration with OIEP to work with international students on the campus.  The Committee Chair serves on the Coordinating Board of the Institute for Global Engagement and keeps committee members informed about Institute business.

Membership for 2013-2014:

Ampalavanar Nanthakumar, chair, Mathematics
Melissa Bricker, Metro Center
Rebecca Burch, Psychology
Michael Dedes, Residence Life and Housing
Glynn English, School of Business
Martha Fasteland, Residence Life and Housing
Alla Gul, Institutional Research and Assessment
Carolina Ilie, Physics
Linda LeFevre, Mathematics
Jing Lei, Anthropology
Christopher McEvoy, Art
Amy McHugh, Extended Learning
Ampalavanar Nanthakumar, Mathematics
Long Peng, Curriculum and Instruction
Victor Protsak, Mathematics
Tania Ramalho, Curriculum and Instruction
Karen Shockey, Penfield Library
Gurdeep Skolnik, OIEP
Kubrom Teka, Mathematics
ex officio:
Joshua McKeown, OIEP