IGE Curriculum Committee

Committee Description:

The purpose of the Institute for Global Engagement Curriculum Committee will be to promote internationalization of the curriculum, including the creation of new types of study abroad or international courses or more local opportunities for international and intercultural development.  Its activities will include working with CELT and COLT on planning professional development workshops for curriculum innovations.  All members become part of the Institute for Global Engagement. 

Membership for 2013-2014:

Jeffery Schneider, Chair, Chemistry
Alyssa Amyotte, CSLCS
Michael Dedes, Residence Life and Housing
Martha Fasteland, Residence Life and Housing
Lisa Glidden, Political Science
Carolina Ilie, Physics
Roxanne Jackson, Art
Webe Kadima, Chemistry
Jing Lei, Anthropology
Christopher McEvoy, Art
Joshua McKeown, OIEP
Amy McHugh, Extended Learning
Long Peng, Curriculum and Instruction
Tania Ramalho, Curriclum and Instruction
Jessica Reeher, Communication Studies
Lisa Seppi, Art
Barbara St. Michel, Campus Life
Yvonne Jane Winslow, Communication Studies
ex officio:
Susan Coultrap-McQuin, IGE Director