Employee Assistance Program

Committee Description:

Committee is composed of an EAP labor/management committee and at least one EAP Coordinator trained to provide confidential employee assistance services. The EAP Committee encourages wellness by providing outreach, community resource information, health education, and wellness programs. Meets monthly and sponsors programming throughout the year. Brown-bag lunches discuss topics such as identity theft, stress, gardening, and health issues. Other programs such as smoking cessation workshops are offered. Each recognized labor union may be represented on the EAP Committee.  The President appoints management delegates to the committee to equal the number of delegates appointed by the unions.  The usual term of membership is two years.

Membership for 2014-2015:

Graig Arcuri, Accounting Finance & Law
Barbara Berry, Student Affairs
Evan Bigam, Residence Life and Housing
Terri Denny, Public Affairs -- Coordinator, 312-5546
Jonathan Fargo, Campus Technology Services
Craig Gilkey, Residence Life and Housing
Cathy Johnston, Finance Office
Carolyn Kelleher, Field Placement Office
Melissa Newman, Human Resources
ex officio:
Michael Campbell, Regional Representative, NYS