Standing Committees

Descriptions, Membership Rosters, Postings

During the spring semester faculty and staff are canvassed via online survey to indicate their committee preferences for the subsequent academic year.  All members of each committee who wish to remain on that committee in the subsequent year must indicate a preference via the online survey in order to be listed as a member.

Faculty and staff are invited to participate in the work of the University as members of one or more standing committees. Each committee has a web page (find links below) that includes a committee description, a list of current members and other relevant information. Some committees have specific membership selection procedures while others are open to all faculty regardless of affiliation.

NOTE: The Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) committees have been subsumed under one committee.  This change will not affect either the charge or the work of any of the former IGE committees.  Focus areas will be administered as sub-committees of the primary committee.

A list of standing Committee assignments for current year 2015-2016 is posted here.  Individual committee information, descriptions and membership rosters are accessible at the links indicated below.

Thanks to all who serve.  Your active participation is greatly appreciated and of great value to the University.

Committee descriptions with current membership rosters:

Affirmative Action Advisory Council

Art Exhibition Advisory Council

Arts Programming Board

Campus Environmental Advisory Council

Chemical Hygiene Committee

Civic Engagement Coalition

Climate Academic Steering Committee

Committee on Academic Quality

Committee on Alcohol and Other Drug Prevention

Committee on Intellectual Integrity

Committee on Learning and Teaching (COLT)

Employee Assistance Program

Human Subjects Committee

Institute for Global Engagement (IGE)

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Intercollegiate Athletics Board

Learning Support Services Advisory Council

New Faculty Orientation Committee

Oswego Reading Initiative (ORI)

Parking Committee

Personal Safety Committee

Public Ceremonies Committee

Scholarly & Creative Activity Committee (SCAC)

Services to Non-traditional Students Committee

Transfer Advisory Committee

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