Non-instructional Activities for Faculty

Seeking temporary course reductions

The State University of New York has established policies regarding faculty employment that sets a specific teaching load to which all faculty are assigned.  From time to time, however, the local campus may, at its discretion, assign faculty to activities that do not involve direct instruction of students.  The nature of such activity may include, but is not limited to, writing and administering grants; serving in university administrative positions at the request of deans, the Provost or the President; serving as chair of the Faculty Assembly; holding administrative office in regional, national and international councils or associations, and so on.

Faculty wishing to seek reduced load should work with their department chairs to determine how such a change will impact students and otherwise affect the ability of the department to conduct its business.  Ultimately it is up to the department chair and the dean to approve or deny such requests.

For more information, please contact your department chair.