Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of September 30, 2009

Present: Bozak, Evaneski, Garii, Hemphill, LeBlanc, Nichols, Pritting

The violations report for the past academic year was distributed in draft form for review. It was in draft form, lacking the details of the incidents in the School of Business. Bozak will get those added in to the final report. Hemphill asked if we might also indicate traditional v. online courses. If memory serves, there was only one SLN course in the mix.

The report was approved, and it will go up online on our website along with the previous report. A memo will go to the Provost and to the chair of Faculty Assembly notifying them of the information. Bozak will also investigate whether it will be possible to go back in time to prepare reports for years prior to the two for which reports have already been generated.

Three names have been sent to us of undergraduates who might be good additions to our committee. Bozak will contact them and invite them to join.

Attention turned to the development of the educational piece of the website, based upon the October 17, 2007 outline. A list of a few dozen professional orgranization's ethics/integrity statements was distributed. Indicating to students that there are professional standards to which they will need to adhere seems an important point to make, but perhaps having personal statements of what integrity means might have more impact. The goal, then, would be to get various folks to provide short personal statements that can go online - as text, or audio/video interviews. We should not only consider faculty and staff, especially those with high profiles among students, but also alums, community leaders and residents.

We also need to think of how to promote this - we can have them all online on our website, but perhaps a still shot of the individual along with a quote from the statement and a link to our website could be put on digital signage to gain attention. Or perhaps something similar might periodically show up on the Oswego home page, or on WNYO. Maybe we could get Amy Shore students to do some interviews or ask for help in crafting PSAs from a broadcasting class. Perhaps some sort of banner/poster on display in high traffic areas like the library.

While we do this during this year, we should start thinking ahead to the national integrity week, the last week of September, and plan something visible for next year.

Next meeting will focus on brainstorming and outlining a revision of the tutorial. To see the current tutorial go to

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