Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of September 2, 2009

Present: Bozak, Hemphill, Nichols, Pritting

In order to tidy up leftover work from the past spring semester, Bozak will provide a draft of a report on the pilot use of Turnitin, along with the surveys and usage statistics. We will go over the report at our next meeting, and then submit it to the Provost and FA. Given the high cost of the product along with the lukewarm support for the product from faculty and students, there seemed no reason to push to procure the product for this year. A similar product is part of the Blackboard system, which we might migrate to over the next few years as (1) our license for Angel expires in 2011 and (2) Blackboard purchased Angel. In that case, we may end up with a similar product available to faculty and students in the not to distant future.

What should be on our plate for this year?

First, Middle States beckons. We have survey data of several forms which we can use/provide. Should we consider doing another survey in the spring? As assessment is seen as effective only in the "closing the loop" aspect, we should finally build the educational web piece we've talked about as our response to what we've learned from the surveys. You can find our initial description of the structure of an education piece in the minutes of October 17, 2007. We can start with that outline.

Part of our earlier discussion with respect to the educational piece was to revise/build a new integrity tutorial/quiz (questions embedded in the tutorial in order to force students through the whole piece rather than just skipping to the end). If generally available via Angel, then faculty can choose to include it (or various parts of it) and require students to complete it. Rather than having students taking the quiz several times a semester, it would be handy if an electronic certificate of completion of some kind could be generated at the end of the quiz and mailed to the student, who could then submit it as proof of completion. It could have a Laker NetID and timestamp on it. Students would be responsible for keeping it and if they lose it they can just retake the quiz to get a new certificate. How often should it age? Annually? Each semester? Doug Hemphill will look into the output options for Angel quizzes.

Bozak will start working with his colleagues in the schools to create an integrity report for last year.

Jim Nichols suggests it is not too early to start thinking about a Winter Breakout session on integrity, noting that they have been well received in the past.

We have no student members - anyone have students to nominate who might be interested in serving on CII?

We should consider our policy with respect to foreign nationals in light of the new initiative to deliver Oswego degrees in Dubai. This also raises the question of what the demographics are of our current international student population - perhaps we can tune the international section of the education website to their particular needs. We should also contact OIEP to see what their recruiting efforts are likely to be in terms of a changing demographic.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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