Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of November 11, 2009

Present: Bozak, Evaneski, Garii, Hemphill, Knowles, LeBlanc

* Winter Breakout session scheduled: 1 hour session on 1/21 or 22 (to be determined) entitled,
"Academic misconduct! What to do??"

brief description: There is no doubt that faculty confront a wide gamut of emotions when they encounter instances of academic dishonesty - anger, annoyance, anxiety, depression, more anger, and others. What to do? Oswego's integrity policy provides guidance on identifying the type of misconduct and possible sanctions. Do you want to learn more? Discuss alternatives? Then this is the workshop for you!

Handouts to include material on our four levels and sanctions guidelines along with the most recent summary of violations. We'll cover the policy and then open the discussion to Q&A to talk about the policy, compliance, suggested changes, etc.

* Memo to Provost and FA Chair was reviewed, typo (finally) corrected. Bozak will send it out.

* Memo offering to meet with faculty and departments. This was reviewed and some additions provided. The memo will go out to chairs, cc'd to deans. Bozak will work on making the changes and getting the memo out this week.

* Personal integrity statements. This invitation was reviewed and it was decided to send it out to a select group of students, faculty, administrators, and alums. This will give us an opportunity to see how folks interpret what we've asked for before we send it out more broadly.

* Judicial Affairs has gone back over 5 years of integrity violations submitted to them for disciplinary action. This will be reviewed and summarized so that the results of these cases can be provided during the Winter Breakout session or with department meetings.

* Discussion turned to the tutorial/quiz revision. We'll meet next on December 2 and parcel out topics for folks to work up some material to present and questions to ask. We'll work on those over break and combine them all early in the spring. We can then edit and make it available to some classes for trial use with the aim to refine and make available globally for summer session courses and then for the fall 2010 semester.

* We also talked about being able to provide advisors with some guidance in how they should talk to their advisees when they receive a memo from their dean that their advisee had been caught in an incident of academic misconduct.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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