Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of April 7, 2010
Present: Bozak, Garii, Hemphill, Nichols, Pretzat, Pritting

* the IIVR (Intellectual Integrity Violation Report) form was reviewed, based on changes suggested last meeting. A few organizational changes were suggested. Bozak will make the changes, build the back-end to make it functional and make it live. At that point, he'll send an announcement out to the CII list and the deans can then forward that to all chairs and advisement coordinators (and anybody else they think should know).

* the primer site was reviewed.
  • change the terminology from 'tutorial' to 'primer'
  • add a cheating page, based on an article Pretzat found; Add info based on a speaker that was on campus last semester/year - Garii will track down the name, book title and website that we can refer folks to.
  • we should build a "Tips" page, which would have short, practical ideas such as the one Julie suggested about 3x5 cards.  We could link to the webpage Norm Weiner authored on how to be successful. We can ask Jean Chambers for some ideas - if memory serves, she has some short hints we could incorporate. The library has some time management suggestions. Singing works, too! (anyone want to write up a tip for singing?)
  • we can add the "good learning" part of the library tutorial to the tips page.

We can then pass the site URL out to folks who normally send us students, or who we know present this material to their classes in order to get more feedback and material.

* we discussed the quiz. Hemphill passed out copies of all submitted questions (40+ of them). We discussed categories:
  • good learning/tips
  • why be honest?
  • college policy
  • plagiarism - identify types of plagiarism
  • plagiarism - how to avoid plagiarism

FOR NEXT TIME (April 28), we each need to go over the questions and decide what category it belongs to (or toss it as a lousy question). We can add questions (and edit existing ones). We can send info to Hemphill - which would make our next meeting easier if folks could do that by April 21.

At the next meeting we can talk about structure of the quiz (how many questions, how many from each category, etc.). Our goal is to have the website and quiz available for the beginning of the fall. We should shoot to be done by the end of the semester and allow some faculty to test it out this summer.

One possible way to proceed is to have "F" course instructors ask that their freshmen each take the quiz.

Our goal is to have a completed website and quiz to be available to all faculty at the beginning of the fall semester. For that to be effective, we'd need to be able to announce its availability before the semester ends, so that faculty can plan on incorporating them into their classes.

So at our next meeting we should talk about the wording of the announcement, as well as providing some wording that instructors can include in their syllabus.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak
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