Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of March 24, 2010

Present: Bozak, Garii, Hemphill, Nichols, Pritting

* As a group we revised the Intellectual Integrity Violation Report form. Bozak will make the changes and notify the committee so that it can be reviewed again. If it passes mustard we'll make it "live" otherwise we'll finish a review next meeting.

* Thanks to Shannon for doing the digital signage!

* We reviewed the new website with tutorial. Changes include:

  • adding Oswego logo to heading on each page
  • keep style guides section with link back to Penfield site for supporting material
  • start tutorial with a splash page (in essence) and a Table of Contents to be able to get to any section directly
  • change tutorial page so that the bottom has link back to TOC (so, | previous page | TOC | next page |)
  • add some of Gerry Porter's integrity policy intro as the splash page
  • need a page on cheating (non-plagiarism)

We'll (deans, anyway) will send the link out to folks who we normally hear from :-) and get feedback.

* Doug has had troubles with the CBB question zipfile. He'll have questions for next meeting. Primary agenda then will be to go over them, categorize them, and define the quiz structure.

* Goal is to make website and quiz available to (at least some) folks for use/review this summer. The more eyes looking at it, the better. And then we'll go live for the fall. We'll also discuss (next meeting) when/how to best announce the resources.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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