Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of March 10, 2010

Present: Bozak, Garii, Hemphill, Kay, Nichols, Pretzat, Pritting

* There has been widespread support for an online violation reporting form. We looked over Albany's form, making changes appropriate for our campus. Bozak will put it online sometime next week so we can then review it and edit it before releasing it for general use. There will be a radio-button portion to identify the appropriate dean for it to be sent to. Bozak will check with Rameen to see if he'd like to have someone in the Provost's Office get a copy of each report.

* Shannon shared the digital signage. It is pretty much good to go, once students return from break. He will ship .pdf versions to Bozak to add to the integrity website.

* We noticed that digital signage has already begun advertising Mike Murphy's college hour talks on citation and plagiarism. If he will continue it in the fall semester, then a number of faculty can take better advantage (Kay suggested all honors students would take it), so he may need to figure out how to scale up the presentations/workshops. In addition, any web-based support for his workshops can be located within our integrity website.

* Our new quiz. Questions get sent to Doug, please. He has already collected all current questions into a single database. We'll add the CBB questions plus the questions that committee members submit. He'll set it all up for our access so we can review and suggest edits for the questions. Current questions do not have reasons attached to the correct or incorrect answers, but Angel now allows for such answers. We'll want to add text to the current question's answers. We'll also want to review the questions for content, thinking of tagging the questions (plagiarism, cheating, whatever) so we can then define a quiz as 2 questions from this area, 3 from that, 1 from that other one, etc. Nichols suggests there were originally tags and he'll send out (when he finds them) what they were. We can then refine those tags. The certificate can be generated (what would be the pass rate needed??) with a timestamp of semester taken. Doug isn't sure that he can autogenerate them with a time/date stamp. We suggested they would be good for two years, though of course instructors might choose a timeframe. A standard of two years seems a good idea, though, as that provides for a refresher sometime in a native student's junior year. More often seems excessive, less often somewhat less effective. We need to revisit this notion.

* Have a good break, if you are taking one!

Respectfully submitted

-David Bozak


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