Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of February 24, 2010
Present: Bozak, Clendenning, Evaneski, Pritting, Rangan, Short

* We welcomed Anant Rangan to the group. Anant is a student who was recommended to us but had a class conflict with our meeting time last fall.

* We talked about Shannon's work on the digital signage notices. We really liked the color. The signature look makes it instantly recognizable. The "Did you know" and "Myth v. Fact" themes are good - same info, but different look is pedagogically effective. We thought to simplify the title to "Think about it" - a 'command' that gets folks to look first and not get (perhaps) turned off by the label of Academic integrity.

Send more ideas to Shannon, or send them out through the CII-list to perhaps prompt even more ideas. The goal is to start getting these viewed after spring break. We'll also (ok, Shannon will also) create .pdf versions which we can keep on our website so folks can download 'em and post them around campus. Shannon could also create some posters but perhaps hold off for now, saving limited budget dollars.

Lisa has contacted Nate Emmons about Orientation and the idea of having some visuals on display between speakers, as filler. These digisigns that Shannon is doing would be perfect for such "commercials"

We also talked about different looks - a text message version, a graphic novel theme, dialog boxes so that it appears to be a conversation. It seems it might be a good idea to shift the "look and feel" between semesters, or academic years, in order to keep the basic message fresh.

* We talked about getting the Lifestyles folks to dedicate an entire "Toilet Talk" to the issue of integrity, for next fall.

* We went over the structure of the tutorial that we are basing on the Colby, Bowdoin and Bates site. We talked about structure (pages that are short and sweet for those with short attention spans - hah!) and affect (much of the overview is negative - don't do this, don't do that).  We do want to incorporate the work from the current tutorials into this website.

For structure, we talked about an intro page, below which would be a series of pages linked to each other horizontally (like book pages) with the ability to slide left and right. Below each of those a reader could drill in to learn more. For example, if procrastination was the topic on the 2nd level, drilling down would get you to material on time management skills, etc.

For affect we want to make sure students understand there is a reason for caring about integrity, that ideas are what we are all about in academia, they are what we value and thus the damage done by using those ideas without affirmation.

* We also talked about the quiz, which is in Doug Hemphill's lap at the moment. If each of us came up with one question to contribute, then we'd have a nice pool to randomly select from for the quiz. So please take a look at the quiz at the CBB site and come up with a question and answer(s) to contribute to the cause!

Bozak also suggested that keeping the website outside of Angel makes it accessible to Angel-phobic faculty, but that the quiz could be within Angel - for our stats, and for faculty grading.

* Our next meeting is in two weeks, just before spring break. We'll take a look at Shannon's digisigns then. Bring questions and ideas for the tutorial, so that can be put together over spring break.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak
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