Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of February 10, 2010

Present: Bozak, Clendenning, Evaneski, Garii, kay, LeBlanc, Pretzat, Pritting

* There has been alot of discussion in many corners regarding integrity issues, especially as relates to faculty. What we - and apparently many campuses - lack is a mechanism for handling such allegations, as exists for students. There is need for a process for research misconduct, currently being crafted by ORSP. There is a University Faculty Senate committee on Ethics and Institutional Integrity (a report was passed out, from late January of this year) which we might connect with. There is also a brochure currently given to new faculty on campus on the State Ethics law. The campus needs a central location/person for any such complaint that can then be directed as appropriate. This has been sent up to Howard Gordon and perhaps a task force will be created. It is, after all, a topic of our sesquicentennial plan and a bullet item on the Middle States list of important issues.

* Bozak will follow up on who met with the McNair students.

* Michael Murphy floated an idea, via email, re: multiple workshops during college hours that together addess issues of plagiarism and citation skills. This met with approval and support. Ideas that came up are

  • could it be a 1 credit course? Are there other courses that could tie into this (Honors, psychology thesis, etc.)? 1 credit is 10 weeks of one class a week for 75 minutes (750 minutes of seat time).
  • perhaps non-credit and shorter but still linked to courses (such as above)? Honors has a 1-credit course, might they require it?
  • could capstone courses refer students to these workshops? they would be primed to make use of the skills in their final term projects
  • could this be a redesigned library 1 credit research course? would that course fly?
  • could we get GST instructors to embrace and endorse it?
  • is there a role for peer educators here?

* The recent (February 5) "Toilet Talk" was discussed. Could we get a whole page on integrity? Could we use digital signage more (or at all)? Shannon has volunteered to craft some "myths" pages for use on the digital signage resource, to start after spring break. We'll need a tagline - for more info go to ??? Bozak will see about getting our URL shortened [note: this has been done - will link to our web site]. Send Shannon ideas for myths to be used (can I submit the same paper in two different classes? etc.).

* the new tutorial. Instead of reinventing the wheel, we can use the Colby, Bates, & Bowdoin site at which allows us to grab it and use it, modify it, etc. per Creative Commons license. We can convert it to an "Oswego style" website over the March break. We can edit it, add/delete and reword stuff. Most important, we can add lots of questions to the quiz portion and thus sample questions for any given student. If we then create a certificate at the end, we're good to go! We can ask folks to try it out later in the spring and over the summer and release it to the campus for the fall. The deans can also ask those students caught cheating to use it and send a certificate of completion back to the dean's office.

It would be great to be able to punch it up a bit. Perhaps some graphics kids can do something - small animations, or anime, or even turn it into a graphic novel - anything that might get kids more into it that simply straight text.

Start collecting thoughts on what to keep, what to change, add, edit, etc.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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