Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of September 19, 2007

Present: Bozak, Kay, Knowles, LeBlanc, Murphy, Nichols, Shaffer

* Minutes of September 5, 2007 approved.

* Follow-up on survey data release: Provost and Howard Gordon were to bring the matter to President's Council for final determination. In the meantime, the powerpoint can be shared.

* One response from a department recommended the committee look into Bozak has inquired and found that the SUNY pricing would be about $5200 for bare bones, $13,300 for the suite, an additional $1000 for the suite integration with Angel and an additional 20% if email support for faculty were provided by These are the 2007 calendar year prices. Pricing for 2008 hasn't been done but SUNY reports has renewed discounts the past few years.

* Bozak will check with CTS (Greg Ketcham for Angel use) and SUNY to see who else is using and what their costs/experiences/policies have been.

* If we recommend we should also consider policy governing its use - required or not, for investigation/punishment or for student use on their own papers, etc. The outstanding court suits regarding IP rights gives us pause.

* How to promote the survey results and discussions? Bozak will submit a summary article on the survey results to the "Oswegonian" in advance of the open forum on October 2 in an attempt to gain student attendance.

* Other ideas: send email to chairs reminding them of policy, summarizing it as simple and ask them to share with their faculty at a department meeting, reminding them of the reporting requirement.

* Current issue of "Toilet Talk" has a nice piece on plagiarism. Bozak will followup, encouraging other cheating/plagiarism factoids be included in future issues.

* We should contact Jean Chambers and others where students (in ethics or related courses) might address the survey results as a project. Perhaps we can have something done for Quest, minimally a poster on the survey results.

* We should continue to push for a mandatory note on each syllabus on the integrity policy, as well as the disabilities policy. [Note: Paloma later noticed that the Integrity link on the Oswego web site under A-Z points to the policy and not to the Committee's web site - we should get this changed.]

* We might consider a matriculation pledge, available during opening ceremonies that invites students and faculty to sign - public declaration of support - and include a reading of the pledge in the Torchlight ceremony.

* M. Murphy has a nice draft document on how to tell if you've plagiarized, which Bozak will email to folks. This could be part of an educational piece.

* How best to design an educational piece for students? If one large piece, students will see it class after class after class and it would lose its effectiveness. Integrity needs to be infused in the curriculum and perhaps the educational piece can have multiple more narrowly focused items which can individually be assigned on a course by course basis.

* We can create an Angel site, though we don't want to force folks through Angel and perhaps a web site/module(s) can be created outside of Angel but linked through Angel for those using the course management system.

* Folks should start to put together a listing of the kinds of components the educational piece should have, an outline of structure. Share your thoughts on the mailing list and bring them to the next meeting. Once we can define a structure we can agree on (to start, at least), we can then begin to fill in content.

* Student reps - we've tried in the past to get an undergraduate, an international student and a graduate student. Gwen Kay has some folks in mind for an undergraduate rep so she will invite a student. Anyone with thoughts on a grad or internation rep, let Bozak know and lets get them invited, too.

* Jim Nichols is on the SUNY Faculty Senate committee on Undergraduate Programs and Policies. This is the committee that co-hosted the integrity conference in March, 2006 where Murphy and Bozak presented. He will keep us informed as to their efforts this year.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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