Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of April 30, 2008

Present: Bozak, Evaneski, Knowles, Murphy, Nichols, Pretzat, Shaffer

* How to proceed re: the integrity statement? APC has its report endorsed by Faculty Assembly. You can read the report here. They did not disagree with the statement - nobody has. They did have reservations about signing a banner at a picnic. Consequently we will send another memo to the Provost that endorses the statement (we don't call it a pledge anymore) and recommends that a series of activities to promote the statement be planned for next year. Most importantly, it should be integrated into orientation. We will include the recent AAC&U survey. We also checked - our integrity statement doesn't yield anything interesting if googled and Helen Knowles reports no matches when submitted to myDropBox. A memo will be drafted and circulated to the committee before being sent to the Provost.

* We had an extended discussion over how well or how poorly copyright is understood on campus. We will encourage Greg Ketcham, as head of the professional development effort, to consider some educational programming on the issue.

* The document on the pilot project using a Text Matching Service (TMS) was reviewed. Some changes were adopted, noting that the pilot is very much a fact-finding effort (there is no predisposition to favor or reject it), that we emphasis that participation by faculty would be voluntary, ditto students. The revision will be put together next week and circulated before being sent to the Provost.

* Bozak's agenda for the summer includes working on the long planned student educational website, working with the Library folks who will be reworking the tutorial (which should be linked from our site), experimenting with the blogging capabilities of the next version of OU Campus, and building a website to support integrity efforts across SUNY (there is already a SUNYintegrity-list hosted at Oswego).

* We agreed to keep the Wednesday, 9am, every two week schedule for next year. Bozak will consult the calendar and lay out the appropriate dates for folks.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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