Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of February 6, 2008

Present: Bozak, Jalife, Murphy, Shaffer

* Minutes of November 28, 2007 were reviewed.

* Update on the pledge: Provost's Council has endorsed it. I've discussed it with Nate Emmons (Orientation) who in turn discussed it with Kathy Evans, who in turn discussed it with Jim Scharfenberger. I spoke with Jim this morning, who believes that everyone who has seen it likes the idea. He hopes it can get into the catalog and used by Admissions asap. He will speak with Joe Grant about it.

I've also spoken with Sue Camp, who believes Faculty Assembly should review the pledge. She will speak with the FA Executive Committee about how to proceed. I'll contact Sue to talk about the best way to proceed, coordinating FA and President's Council. It would be good if both could discuss it and support it by spring break.

* Paloma suggested that we get a simpler URL ( in order to make it easier for faculty to find the sanctions guidelines. I'll pursue this. If the pledge comes to pass, then that would likely be additional pressure to use this simpler URL.

* The new judicial affairs officer, Lisa Evaneski, starts at Oswego in February 21. I will invite her to join our group.

* Bozak's priorities for the semester are two parts of the website outline (see 10/17 minutes): the annotated policy (which he will do) and getting several (ten? dozen?) personal reflections on integrity (see 2nd bullet in 10/17 minutes).

* Other topics that should go on our agenda at some point include handling faculty violations of integrity (plagiarism, for example); graduate student issues; how to get faculty to adhere to the policy and report violations (Paloma suggests working on a simplified description of policy/procedure); getting onto the new faculty orientation calendar (Barbara is part of COLT and will bring this up).

* We also discussed hosting an informal brown-bag lunch during a college hour after spring break where faculty can share war stories and talk about these issues.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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