Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of November 14, 2007

Present: Bozak, Jalife, Kay, Knowles, Nichols, Murphy, Shaffer

* Minutes of October 31 were reviewed.

* We agreed to send a memo to the Provost to encourage President Stanley to sign the AAC&U Core Values pledge.

* J. Chambers has been in contact with and passed along Bozak's name as a contact for a pilot use of the package. We should turn out attention to setting up the ground rules for its use.

* The campus notification policy requires the dean's office informs the Provost and the student's advisor. Bozak is thinking of adding a notification to the student that the matter has been reported, what happens next and what the consequences might be for future violations. Sharing the information with the student's dean was also suggested.

* Three versions of the integrity pledge were discussed. Faculty on the committee will take them to their classes as sort of a focus group to get a sense of what students like or dislike about the various statements. The comments will be brought back to the next meeting, where we will finalize a statement to be sent forward. The three versions are:

"On my honor, I will maintain the highest possible standards of honesty, integrity and personal responsibility ... and as a member of this aademic community I am committed to creating an environment of respect and mutual trust." [this is the Christopher Newport statement, excerpting the middle definition of what honesty and integrity means]

"As a member of the SUNY Oswego community, I am committed to the goal of maintaining the highest standards of intellectual integrity." [this is Helen's, modified from WE to I]

"I pledge to act with integrity as a member of the SUNY Oswego community, engaging the ideas of others with rigor and respect as I develop my own." [this is Mike's, excerpting the in and out of the classroom clause]

The goal is to have a document to present to the Provost prior to Bozak's briefing of the Provost's Council on December 5.

* Members of the committee will find their professional integrity/ethics statements and provide a personal statement about what it means to them. This will be the seed for other statements from other faculty/disciplines, or students, or alums, over time.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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