Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of October 3, 2007

Present: Bozak, Kay, LeBlanc, Miller

* We welcome an undergraduate student to the committee, Greg Miller.

* Follow-up on the survey's Open Forum. Letter (as circulated to committee) was sent to Oswegonian but was not printed in the most recent issue. Thus only one person came to the October 2 college hour open forum to talk about cheating/plagiarism.

* Bozak had a meeting with Michael Pawlyk the Director of Academic Affairs for SA for this year. He seemed enthusiastic about promoting integrity and was going to bring it up at the next SA executive board meeting. He is unable to attend our meetings due to the time. I reiterated my offer to meet with anyone in SA or in the residence halls, etc., to talk about the survey or intellectual integrity in general.

* Update on While SUNY helps cut deals on software, they don't keep track of who actually takes advantage of various contracts. They recommended I speak with In the meantime, Greg Ketcham used his SLN connections to find out what others might be doing re: Several campuses are in pilot or otherwise thinking about it mode. A few grabbed the Angel-integrated turnitin suite, often as much for the paper mark-up software as for the comparison reports. Herkimer enthusiastically uses it (cost to them is about $7300), both for the mark-up and the comparison reports. Their policy is to recommend faculty require students to submit their drafts to and use the results to revise their paper before the final version is submitted - they advocate plagiarism prevention rather than detection. They also note that there is an option which can be set by either an instructor or the institution so that no papers are kept in the database. This would allow us to use the service pending results of the court case currently in progress over the IP rights of students in their papers. Bozak will contact for more information. If we think it is a good idea, then it would be a recommendation to the Provost and we presume a campus purchase, not a charge back to departments using the service.

* The integrity pledge was discussed. Paloma reports the School of Business faculty were enthusiastic and Bozak spoke with Howard Gordon, also enthusiastic. We are encouraged to prepare a proposal to the Provost, who could then take the proposal to President's Council.

* Gwen Kay will take a whack at writing a simple pledge. We spoke about having it available at the opening picnic for signatures. First year advisors, who meet with freshmen just before the picnic, could discuss the pledge and encourage participation. Advisors can be wearing t-shirts promoting the pledge. Perhaps the bookstore can promote the pledge via bookmarks given out during book purchases.

* At Torchlight, perhaps two students can represent the student body (incoming freshman and an upperclassman) by introducing the pledge and publicly signing on behalf of the students. The President and Provost can also publicly sign on behalf of administration and faculty. The larger document would already have lots of signatures (we hope) from the picnic, so would be that much more impressive. It could then be available in the campus center during the first week of classes for others to sign.

* Pens used to sign the pledge can have the pledge on it and given to each student who signs.

* Bozak will draft up a description of this idea and pass it along electronically for the committee to discuss/revise/etc. and it will incorporate Gwen's pledge.

* Returning to our collection of "best practices" by faculty, Bozak will issue a call to faculty asking for folks to submit their ideas for inclusion. At the same time, chairs can be asked to remind faculty of the integrity policy, the process, and especially the requirement to report incidents. This latter step allows for a paper trail.

* Bozak will also contact Chambers to see if there might be a collection of posters at Quest in the spring from her ethics' students. The integrity survey then might be a poster, in the context of the other ethics posters.

* Bozak will also check into any policy statements from AAUP on this issue.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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