Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of October 17, 2007

Present: Bozak, Clendinning, Kay, Knowles, Murphy, Nichols, Shaffer

* Minutes of October 3 were reviewed

* Bozak apologized for not following up on the draft pledge memo to the Provost or the request to faculty for "best practices" and promised to get the latter out soon [sent to chairs on 10/17/7].

* We talked about the "educational unit" description, not to be confused with a formal outline. We want to ensure we have included all the topics that we can think of and how best to approach them. Then we can organize it more formally into modules. This could then end up in Angel or a stand-alone website.

* The topics look like:

  • Introduction
  • Integrity - what does it mean
    • professional integrity statements, from faculty with personal statements
    • integrity pledge (if one is adopted)
    • other campus statements (VIEWS, graduation outcomes)
  • Campus policy - annotated with examples
    • preamble
    • overview
    • sanctions guidelines
    • academic penalty v. judicial charges
    • appeal process
  • Types of misconduct, and how to avoid them
    • quiz/exam cheating
    • plagiarism
      • citation
      • paraphrase
      • powerpoint
      • the creative process
      • "institutional" material
      • "borrowing" in music (sampling)
    • groupwork v. individual work (as this was a particular problem at Oswego)
  • International student issues (global awareness), recent immigrants as well as exchange students
  • Oswego resources
    • ENG102 content, Hacker, etc.
    • Penfield or other tutorials
  • Other resources

* Make the text personal rather than dry and repetitive of the policy components; get short pieces written by faculty.

* Use external sources rather than reinvent the wheel

* Add questions throughout, or interactive components. What proof can be gathered so that a student doesn't need to review the module 17 times during their college career? Can they do modules once and have it recorded somewhere, perhaps a checkoff under Banner so that they could go to myOswego  and have a verification statement sent to their instructor? Should this be done under Angel to simplify this part (if it does)?

* Review the above for the next meeting and suggest ideas. We'll also to try work on the integrity pledge memo at the next meeting.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak


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