Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Meeting Minutes for September 6, 2006

Conference Room, 711 Culkin Hall, 8:00 - 9:30AM

Present: David Bozak, presiding.  Michael Ameigh, Asst. Provost; Jean Chambers, Philosophy; Paloma Jalife, School of Business; Gwen Kay, History; Michael LeBlanc, Counseling and Psychological Services; Michael Murphy, English; Catherine Santos, Judicial Affairs; Barbara Shaffer, Penfield Library.

Campus Survey:

A survey prepared by the Center for Academic Integrity at Duke University will be available to the campus community September 18th through October 13th.  The results of this survey will inform ongoing efforts by this committee to build awareness and provide direction to the campus community on matters of intellectual honesty.


The committee continued its deliberations on various issues associated with academic dishonesty on campus.  A draft document titled "Sanction Guidelines and Examples" was distributed for review and comment.  A number of suggested revisions were offered.

It was suggested that the "Statement on Intellectual Integrity" contained in the student handbook (Student Handbook 2006-2007, Community Policies, p. 110) should serve as the preamble to the guidelines document.

 David Bozak will incorporate those suggestions in a revised document to be discussed at the next meeting on Wednesday, September 20th.

- adjourned

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