Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of April 25, 2007

Present: Ameigh, Bozak, Chambers, LeBlanc, Santos, Shaffer

* Discussion over how to promote the results of the survey included an article for the Oswegonian and inclusion in "Toilet Talk". We will also contact Thad Montero this summer as he has expertise in social norming and perhaps we can produce some posters highlighting positive results.

* We want to build an educational component this summer, as well as work on tips for faculty.

* Discussion ensued over the fine line between teamwork and collaboration, given how our students seem to (more than the national average) engage in inappropriate collaboration.

* Discussion ensued over how to publicize the survey results and engage faculty in discussion over the results. An online blog was discussed and concerns raised over how it may or may not facilitate open discussion. We've opted to present at an early College Hour session and followup a few weeks later with another College Hour meeting to serve as a discussion forum.

* We will also pass along to Mark Morey (CELT) the idea of sponsoring continuing open forum for faculty to discuss national issues in higher education.

Thanks, everyone, for your work this year. Next year's meeting dates and times will be forthcoming.

Respectfully submitted,

- David Bozak

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