Committee on Intellectual Integrity
Minutes of February 21, 2007

Present: Bozak, Chambers, Jalife, LeBlanc, Shaffer

* Our meetings will start at 8:05am from now on to ensure that the room is open when folks arrive.

* Bozak distributed info on mandatory online integrity tutorials at Georgetown and Ryerson. See and

* This would be a good summer project - put together a tutorial that we can make available to all students as an educational experience. We could encourage first year advisors and/or preceptor instructors to have students take the tutorial and ultimately move towards a mandatory tutorial to be completed before beginning classes. There is a module in the library called Good Learning versus Plagiarism. Barbara will share the URL. There is also the SLN module that Susan Camp was involved with. We shouldn't invent the wheel but incorporate what we find that is good.

* Bozak also distributed updates on data. One document shows the demographics of the students completing the survey versus the actual campus demographics (class, gender, major, GPA). Also provided was a crosstabs breaking down four questions by class, so that we can look at data without the influence of over-represented freshmen. Also presented was a comparison of data from the Student Opinion Survey from S'03 and S'06 which shows 75%+ of responses that cheating has been observed.

* How to summarize our data? Well, we have a significant and ongoing problem. It doesn't particularly differ from the national data. It does provide objective information that a serious problem exists.

* Next we should look at differences in perception between students and faculty over what constitutes cheating, and how serious different types of cheating are.

* It would be good to have a content analysis done for the student open-ended responses. Perhaps there is a psych major who would be interested. Michael thinks there might be a CPS grad student who could take this on.

* There was report of good feedback on the guidelines document we prepared last semester.

* There was discussion that there will be a number of open meetings to get faculty to talk about graduation learning outcomes. We should work to ensure that integrity is part of the final mix of outcomes, or we will be marginalized. we need a statement of an outcome and a means of measuring it that we can put on the table. Michael has volunteered to take a first pass at something. Pass along comments to him either directly or via our mailing list. Bozak noted that moral development was seen as important in the recent Mission Review II document and he will pass along that statement and URL.

* Our next meeting is March 7, 2007, 8:05 am, 711 Culkin.

Respectfully submitted,

-David Bozak

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